Who We Are

To put it simply, we're a technology-driven, highly motivated, and experienced team to enable you, the hotelier, to fulfill your potential.

HotelMinder Team

Our collective background in managing various hospitality roles across geographies has helped us understand exactly what it takes to run a well-performing hotel.

With our goal to help entrepreneurial hoteliers with next-gen technology and services, HotelMinder has become a platform to connect you with the best minds and products available in the industry.

HotelMinder Team
Improving Results

What We Do

We help ambitious, entrepreneurial, and customer-oriented hoteliers save time and efforts with the best technology solutions and advice.

With our help, you can reduce downtime, eliminate tedious manual handling of business processes, and focus on improving the guest experience.

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Our Values

Our Core Values

Our Values

Our values are based on four core beliefs, which keep us focused in our mission to help hoteliers excel at improving guest experience and increasing revenue.

  • Liberty
  • Objectivity
  • Sustainability
  • Pedagogy


We act with integrity and honesty.
We are free from any bias or allegiance and always strive to do the right thing for the hotelier. Honour, truth, and transparency are what we thrive for.


With our sight on the goal, we communicate with our clients honestly, respectfully, and directly.
We share feedback at all levels, and use communication and discussion as tools to maintain our objectivity.


We work hard, and smart.
Our goal is to take care of the team, have some fun, and build a culture of sustainability, not just to benefit our clients' businesses, but to protect the planet's future.


We are passionate about learning and improving.
We share the acquired knowledge with everyone, with the aim to empower hoteliers, regardless of their business size and their location.

Our Story

HotelMinder was founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 2010 by Benjamin Verot. The idea was to bring next-gen technology that empowered big hotels to smaller independent properties. We also wanted hoteliers to adapt and leverage advanced marketing & revenue management concepts.

HotelMinder Story

Since 2010, HotelMinder has become a team of highly motivated and experienced hospitality experts with the aim to become the leading and trusted resource for information, training, applications, and technologies in the hospitality industry.

HotelMinder Story

The Team

HotelMinder is a team of talented, technology-driven professionals, who're passionate about working in the hospitality industry.

We're supportive and all about good vibes, always enthusiastically sharing our travel stories and tips.

With a team of experienced, motivated, and knowledgeable experts in the hospitality industry, HotelMinder is the ally you need to ensure success in your endeavours.

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HotelMinder Team

Our Clients

Our Clients

HotelMinder is the perfect fit for medium-sized to big independent hotels that need to market their property online and convert a greater number of prospective guests.

We deeply engage with our clients and build a relationship based on trust. It allows us to work together for the greater good.

Our customers range from large to small-room inventories, expensive to budget-minded clients, and properties offering luxurious to basic services.

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Our Clients

Our Partners

Discover the Best hotel Application & Services in our Partners Marketplace. Only the greatest in the industry!

Curated by us and ranked by popularity, price, and ease of use. Featuring special offers and exclusive discounts - only for you!

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