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If you are serious about improving your online presence and performance then talk to these experts, for objective advice on strategies, tools and technology and what to prioritize.

Simia Solutions special offer, only with HotelMinder!

Free consultation about how to grow direct bookings

Free consultation about how to grow direct bookings

About Simia Solutions

Simia Solutions helps hotels improve their online presence and performance, with a strong focus on driving direct bookings. We have an unmatched expertise and proven track record in this field.

What sets us apart from most others is that we prioritize your individual needs, and not try to sell you a specific service or technology. We work with you to develop objectives and execute an effective integrated strategy for success. We see ourselves as partners and help you determine priorities, choosing quality products and services and working with the best possible return on investment in mind.

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Digital Marketing by Simia Solutions

An integrated digital marketing strategy should include all possible touch-points with your potential, current and past customers and cover search engines, social media, performance and email marketing, to name but a few.Some of it we call “no-brainers”, MUST DOs for every hotel, as there are no (financial) risks. Performance marketing is one of these and the most effective advertising model to reach diverse and worldwide markets. The best of all, you only pay for performance, meaning actual direct bookings. No set-up costs, no long-term agreements and only Direct Bookings. Too good to be true? Find out, completely free of risks, and without long-term commitments!

Website Design and Development by Simia Solutions

Your website is your most valuable digital ASSET – treat it that way!Today almost every potential customer will check out your website before making a decision. You have one chance to make a first impression that impacts your business: convince you are the one! A good first impression is not good enough anymore to change the mind of a potential client; a first impression needs to be GREAT, and for that you need a GREAT website.

Website speed is often the first deal-breaker: we build some of the fastest websites in the industry. Want proof? We show you.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization by Simia Solutions

Good Search Engine Optimisation will help drive more and better quality visitors to your website. Optimising your website for search engines means you will rank higher for keywords and search phrases related to your business and therefore attract more quality website visitors.

SEO is driven by a steady stream of quality content that goes beyond your website and is nowadays intertwined with other forms of online and social media marketing and part of a solid integrated marketing plan.

Paid advertising is obviously the fastest way to drive more traffic to your website. That's the easy part. Another easy part used to be retargeting, through the use of cookies. Guess what? The days of cookies are over…To drive better than average quality visitors to your website is a whole different story! Come talk to us. We have an expert team of search engine and digital marketing specialist, with a very strong focus on a positive return on investment.

At Simia we are obsessed with data and we use advanced analytical tools to measure performance, identify what works, and what not, and continuously make adjustments to campaigns to drive better results and ROIs. Let us show you how we work, it may be an eye-opener.

Social Media Marketing by Simia Solutions

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.Social media marketing is fast becoming the most important marketing strategy for almost every business, and for almost every target market. Whether you're just about to start your first social media campaign or you have been at it for years, there is always more you can learn and do to improve results.

Bring your social media to the next level and discover how powerful this media can be to engage your fans and customers, inspire your target audience and drive qualified traffic to your website.

Distribution Management by Simia Solutions

Tired of paying too much commission to OTAs and struggling to increase Direct Bookings? We can help. And usually A LOT.

We know the online travel industry inside out. We have extensive experience with everything related to online distribution and sales, for independent hotels, international and regional hotel chains as well as B2B and B2C online travel agents and wholesalers. And we know we can help you improve. We know you may have heard that before. Talk to us. Then you'll know. We Walk the Talk.

Simia Solutions special offer, only with HotelMinder!

Free consultation about how to grow direct bookings

Free consultation about how to grow direct bookings

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Simia Solutions special offer, only with HotelMinder!

Free consultation about how to grow direct bookings

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