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The All-in-One and low cost Cloud PMS, Website and Channel Manager solution for small to medium sized hotels & guesthouses.

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About GuestDiary

Based in Donegal, Ireland, is the ultimate all-in-one and low cost solution for small hotels and guesthouses to manage their reservations and online presence. The product offering includes a cloud based Diary, Website and Channel Manager.

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Hotel Management System by GuestDiary

GuestDiary is a complete suite for small to medium sized hotels guesthouses, including everything you need to efficiently manage all day to day operations.

The all-in-one solution bundles a Property Management System, a Channel Manager, a Booking Engine and more. GuestDiary integrates with several ePOS systems so you can connect your bar and/or restaurant to your PMS and easily transfer guests data & bills.

The company also makes elegant and very affordable multilingual websites.

Property Management System by GuestDiary

GuestDiary (by AccuBook) is an intuitive cloud-based Property Management System for properties of all sizes.

GuestDiary allows you to manage all your reservations and your entire front desk operations in one an easy to use drag and drop platform with an extensive reporting suite.

Secure PCI Compliant storage of guest credit cards allows you to meet the high demands placed on you from your bank and card processor.

Channel Manager by GuestDiary

GuestDiary Channel Manager (by AccuBook) is a distribution software for hotels to automatically update rates on a wide range of OTA websites.

Reservations drop automatically into your GuestDiary PMS System: Any bookings made on those websites automatically appear in the diary.

You no longer have to deal with missing faxes or waste much of your time managing high cancellation rates from third-party sites.

Booking Engine by GuestDiary

GuestDiary Booking Engine (by AccuBook) is a commission free booking engine module for your hotel website.

GuestDiary advanced mobile ready booking engine technology will allow you to increase direct bookings.

Thanks to its connection with GuestDiary PMS & Channel Manager, online bookings automatically allocate to the best available room in your diary and availability is automatically reduced on connected websites such as Airbnb or

Website Design and Development by GuestDiary

Multilingual, lightning fast website with no web design fees. The website content is automatically updated when you change your room descriptions, photos or publish reviews from guests. The content is automatically translated into multiple languages. The templated websites feature rich responsive designs and include a photo gallery, guest reviews, special offers, location map and contact forms. You can customise your website colours, upload a logo and add content on the different pages of the site. You do not need to be a web designer!

GuestDiary special offer, only with HotelMinder!

Sign up now and get a 60 days 100% FREE TRIAL

Sign up now and get a 60 days 100% FREE TRIAL

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GuestDiary special offer, only with HotelMinder!

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